My name is Jason, and there’s not much here yet. I’m a tech guy. Not a “fix your computer, plug in wires and fiddle with settings” kind of guy (though I can do that, too)… but a progressive, forward thinking technologist that leads teams of like-minded professionals. At the risk of overselling it… I like to do big things and execute big ideas, and I surround myself with folks that like to do the same. I’m not that amazing at any one thing … there are way better programmers, way better engineers, and way better designers than me. But as a team lead I can help guide a group of experts to success. It’s what I do.

In the coming days and weeks (maybe months?), I’ll add more info here. Until then, just give me a shout if you wanna talk shop. Or music. Or sports. Or beer. Heck, I’ll talk about almost anything.

Currently, I spend my days working for an amazing firm out of Westport, Connecticut, called MillerSmith¬†as Technology Director. Outside of regular business hours, if I’m not doing some side consulting, I’m usually hanging out with my family, playing guitar, or coaching little league baseball. I am not currently looking for any extra work, but don’t let that stop you from contact me — I’m happy to give advice, do a little extra consulting, or at least help point you in the right direction to get what you need.

  • Front End Development 70%
  • Technology Strategy 80%
  • Team Leadership 100%
  • Drama 0%
  • Craft Beer 100%
  • Craft Coffee 100%
  • Arts and Crafts 0%